Multi Skilling (MS) – 2nd SEC(K)


Multi skilling (MS) is a new course introduced by BCA which aim to enhance workers’ efficiency and competency. Multi Skilling is required in the growing demand for higher skilled workers in Singapore.


Theory module  3 Hours x 2 Nights, 7pm-10pm^
Practical module  8 Hours x 1 Full Day, 8am-5pm^
MS Test  Written Test x 1 Hour
Practical Test x 4 Hours

MS is available in English & Mandarin language.
^Indicative timing, subject to changes.

Entry Requirement

Applicants must be Foreigners with valid work permit, Singaporeans, or Singapore PRs.

How to Apply

Foreigner (Others)  Passport (front-side), Work Permit, WPOL-Foreign Worker Details & First SEC/SECK
Foreigner (Malaysian)  Passport (front-side), Work Permit copy, Malaysia IC, WPOL-Foreign Worker Details & First SEC/SECK/SPM Certificate
Singaporean / SPR  NRIC & First SEC/SECK Certificate

Application form, copies of all required documents and payment must be submitted to P-One (S) Pte Ltd office. Forms of payment: Cash or Cheque or PayNow.

Multi Skilling Fees

Multi Skilling training and test fee will be S$2,539.70 (9% GST included)

*For more information on Multi Skill Registration, please visit;

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